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Organizational Structure Development – Governmental

Project Title Organizational Structure Development
Business Sector Governmental

Project Description

The Government has embarked on a major initiative in 2013 for establishing a Ministry of Youth to cater to the needs and aspirations of Country Youth. The Ministry has a wide array of Social, Intellectual, Sport, Educative, Scientific, and other activities that address the aspirations of young people. Setting up an effectively designed and Strategically Aligned Ministry of Youth in the Country requires securing key Organizational & HR Enablers which was designed and developed by HR Works.

HR Works Scope of Work:

  • Review the current organizations structure in terms of its entities and relevant roles and responsibilities, identify areas of potential inefficiencies and/or redundancies and provide recommendations around the findings.
  • Develop competencies framework and dictionary by defining required core and leadership competencies that are directly linked to the success of the Ministry and translating them into behaviors/actions employees must display for the Ministry to be successful.
  • Develop a comprehensive recruitment and selection system along with all required recruitment enablers inclusive of policies, procedures, tests, forms, and other relevant templates.
  • Review CSC (Civil Service Commission) compensation system and provide recommendations where the compensation categories can be modified to sustain attraction of local talent.