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Organizational Transformation – Shipping

Project Title Organizational Transformation
Business Sector Shipping

Project Description

Exponential growth led to major organizational and people challenges that our client had to deal with. The Company needed to rethink its operating model in addition to its organizational structure and people management enablers. HR Works was assigned for restructuring the Company and supporting it in the implementation of the new organization structure and related HR enablers over a period of 5 years.

HR Works Scope of Work:

  • Review, design and develop a new operating model and related organization structure and functional statements.
  • Develop related job descriptions for all positions at the Company.
  • Develop internal Human Resources Bylaws and related Employee Handbook.
  • Conduct a workforce assessment exercise and develop a manpower plan.
  • Develop a succession planning framework highlighting the critical positions along with a concrete implementation Plan.
  • Design, develop, and support in the implementation of all HR management systems including compensation & benefits, recruitment management, training management, and performance management.
  • Design, develop and deliver a comprehensive managerial leadership program for all managerial tiers of the company to support in developing the leadership competencies of existing and newly appointed managers.
  • Advise the CEO on organizational and human capital issues in light of the new organization structure and its enablers.