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Restructuring of Water Establishments – Public Sector

Project Title Restructuring of Water Establishments
Business Sector Public Sector

Project Description

With major challenges facing the water sector in the Country, an International Development Organization contracted HR works to restructure the organization of three Water Establishments operating under the Ministry of Energy in addition to developing the leadership capacity of their managerial teams.

HR Works Scope of Work:

  • Re-engineer and align the organization structure of Water Establishments in three regions, along with development of relevant job descriptions, redesigning of their Bylaws and development of manpower plans to present to the Council of Ministers for approval.
  • Design, develop and deliver a managerial capacity building program covering topics such as self-awareness, planning & decision making, progress monitoring, teamwork & motivation, customer care, communication and others. The program was delivered to all mangers.
  • Design, develop and deliver an HR program for HR managers’ teams of all Water Establishments that covers Introduction to HRM, induction, management development, performance management & job descriptions.