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About Us

About HR Works

HR Works is a Consulting firm that specializes in creating and sustaining
Business performance through Organization and People. It provides Organizational, Human Capital, and Talent Development services to
clients in Lebanon and the Middle East since 2008.

Throughout its projects, HR Works capitalizes on a unique work approach that focuses on finding and optimizing the value within its clients’ business;
providing appropriate advice to realize success; and building all needed
enablers to sustain this success.

HR Works lives by a set of Corporate Values to ensure consistency and endurance of its professional relations with clients and third parties.We believe in People, Professionalism, Practicality, Value Proposition, and Being Straight to the Point.

Based in Lebanon, HR Works proudly serves a mosaic of esteemed Local and International clients in Lebanon, Kuwait, KSA, UAE, Angola, Turkey, and others. This covers both Private and Public sectors, and across a wide range of industries including Parliamentary Affairs, Shipping, Transport, Energy, Telecom, Health Care, Youth Affairs, Engineering, Banking, Retail and many others.

What Differentiates Us

Our success is the result of reliable, profound and straight to the point service that directly impacts our client’s bottom line results.

We create enduring impact because:

  • We are specialized in performance sustainability through Organization and People, and we have an extensively tempered international experience across many industries
  • We are trusted Business Advisors; serving the market since 2008, our aim is the relationship of mutual trust with our clients whom we best serve through results-oriented sincere advice
  • We grow and nurture our own intellectual capital. The frameworks, recommendations, learning and consulting content we provide is internationally benchmarked, yet, specifically designed to accommodate
    the needs of our clients
  • We are multilingual with a profound understanding of both Arabian and Western cultures. We can consult, train, communicate and produce clear content, in both English and Arabic, that caters to the language requirements of our clients
  • We are a values-driven Organization. All our practices and professional relationships are governed by our values, which makes dealing with us a consistent and transparent interaction

Our Values

HR Works is a Values-driven Organization. All our practices and professional relationships are governed by our Values, which makes dealing with us a consistent and transparent interaction we believe in.

Value Proposition
We make sure that our work brings additional value to our Clients through deep insight, comprehensive content, and earnest advice

We cherish all human beings, believe in every individual potential, and commit to nurturing this gift in everything we do

Straight to the point
We value ‘time’, especially the time of our Clients, and hence make sure that our work is brief, rich, customized, and effective

We are driven by thought leadership and base our work on best practice and the profound human capital experience of our team while respecting the specificities of our clients’ business

We commit to being reliable in our work, respectful of peoples’ opinions, great listeners in our discourse, and flexible in our interactions

Our Team

By identifying and building on our points of strength, we become masters of what we are best at, and that’s what differentiates us as People Advisors.

Charles Saliba

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Charles Saliba is a recognized thought leader and researcher in building and sustaining organizational performance. A tempered business advisor, public speaker, writer and mentor to successful CEOs, Charles is known for his relational approach, hands on and candor advice that takes into consideration his clients’ resident value while catering for the complexities of their businesses.

Founder and CEO of HR Works, Charles along with the team of expert consultants catered to the challenges and future plans of prominent private and public sector organizations in the whole Middle East Region. Profound assessment methods, impactful recommendations, and enduring support for implementation, rendered HR Works a sought after consulting firm among its peers.

Charles is a promoter of positive thinking and an active community member in matters of People Governance, Leadership Development, Youth Enablement, National Talent Retention, SMEs Institutionalization, and in Knowledge Industry Innovation.

Dr. Jerome Daher
Expert in Relational Leadership

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Dr. Daher is Expert in Relational Leadership and Human Relations. He is a Master Personal and Professional Coach, assisting Individuals in their journeys for Self-Discovery and Actualization.

For the past 5 years Dr. Daher has been significantly involved in supporting Professionals and Individuals to build healthy and sustainable relations with their peers and society at large, in addition the leading major Parenting Support Initiatives.

Dr. Daher is a Certified Relational Leadership Expert from the Center for Relational Leadership (CRL) Austin-Texas, and holds a PH.D. in Theology from “Atheneum Pontificium Regina Apostolorum” in Rome. With a minor degree in Philosophy and Sociology, and is currently pursuing an MA in Psychology

Amal Chammas
Management Consultant

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Amal is a Management Consultant specializing in Learning and Development, Human Resources Management, Organization Development and International and Family Business Management. A Trainer and Coach on Communication and Presentation Skills, Supervisory skills, Time Management and many other topics, with the ability to direct complex projects from Concept to fully Operational Status. Amal has a proven capability to work with Staff, Committees and Board of Directors, where she led several Consulting Projects for Public and Private Sector Establishments.

Holder of Certification in Training Practice from Chartered Institute of Personnel Development in U.K., holder of MBA from the Lebanese American University of Beirut and a BBA from the University of San Diego, USA.

Amal is also pursuing a Doctoral Program at York St. John University in the UK. The research would aim to develop a Competency Framework for Stakeholders (Donors and Recipients) of International Aid.

Joanna Mikhael
Business Support & Office Management Specialist

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Joanna is our Business Support and Office Management Specialist. She is significantly involved in handling all Team Affairs and facilitating project planning and task execution to ensure timely and quality production of deliverables.

Joanna is also the Lead Account Executive for our HR Outsourcing Division.

She holds an MBA in Human Resources from Sagesse University.